The Best Places To Celebrate The New Year In India

New Year celebrations do not seem to be too far away with the festive season gaining its pace. It is time to bid goodbye to the past and welcome the New Year with high vigor for the good times ahead of us. There are some unbelievable holiday destinations in India if you wish to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with your family and friends partying the whole night. Here, we will discuss about some of the best places in India to celebrate the New Year:

1. Goa


This wonderful land of beaches is an ideal place to celebrate the New Year. You can find the best parties organized in this part of the country ranging from the best music to classy cocktails and sumptuous cuisine. You will find great places to stay on the beach side such as a luxurious stay in a five-star resort or even a non-luxury budgeted stay depending on how much you want to spend. Goa is the undoubtedly the best place for starting a happy new year if you have enough energy to party and dance hard.

2. Mumbai


Mumbai is one of the most happening cities in the sub-continent, especially night lifewise. You’ll find it difficult to make a choice with so many clubs and parties galore that will suit your mood. The Eau Bar located in The Oberoi Hotel, and overlooking the Arabian Sea, welcomes you to a New Year’s celebration. The Pheroze Shah Mehta Garden or the Hanging Gardens also offers a wonderful view of the city’s skyline. The laced-up Shoe House at the Hanging Gardens is also a great tourist attraction. The imagination your child is bound to be ecstatic by the little windows and balcony of the shoe!

3. Kolkata


Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta, is a city rich in its cultural heritage and is extremely diverse in nature. Calcutta attracts travelers from countries all over the world. The city is always busy and bustling. It can boast of many attractive places to visit like the Indian Museum, The Zoological gardens, the Victoria memorial, The Birla Planetarium, and the beautiful parks like Nikko Park and Aquatica. It is also the home to Science City which is the second largest science hub in Asia.

4. Delhi


Delhi, the capital city of India, is a perfect retreat for the history lovers as well as the die-hard partiers. Delhi speaks volumes about India’s rich history with sites such as the Qutub Minar and the Red Fort. But the most important thing is that it is only a short distance away from the Taj Mahal which is one of the seven wonders of the world!

Delhi also is home to the India Gate and the Jantar Mantar. The city glows warmly at night with lights and has many green gardens which make it impeccable to enjoy a pleasant evening in Delhi.

5. Bangalore


Bangalore, now known as Begaluru, has emerged as a bustling cosmopolitan city where various types of people and culture reside together. The main attraction here is the Lal Bagh which was constructed by Hyder Ali in 1760. Here you will find rare species of plants, trees and other fauna from all over the world. If you a shopaholic then don’t miss the Brigade Road, which is full of shops that have both global and local brands. Brigade Road is also famous for the Catholic Club, St. Patrick’s Church, etc. Tourists must not miss the Brigade Towers, Vellara Hotel and also the Toy Store.

Therefore, you can plan a visit to any of these cities this year to charge up your mind and body for the perfect celebration on this New Year’s Eve.

The History Behind the Christmas Card

In 1843 at UK, Sir Henry Cole started the custom of sending Christmas cards. He was working at civil servant office and was very much interested in the public post office. The idea of sending Christmas cards came to his mind with the help of his artist friend John Horsley. They then designed a card which had three panels and sold it off in 1 shilling. The outer most panels consist of image which displayed how people cares for poor whereas the centre panel has a family having Christmas dinner.

In 1840, the first postal service was started which can be used by ordinary people. Initially only rich people was able to afford to send cards. The penny stamps were also offered by new Post Office as new railways were built up. Trains was able to move a lot faster that the post by horse. As soon the prices reduced to half the penny, these happy christmas cards became popular in UK. These card were posted in an unsealed envelope.

Christmas cards

With the improvement in the printing methods, the Christmas cards became more popular. They were produced in large number. Later the cost of sending this post cards reduced to half and then was affordable by all the people.The artist William elegy who imprinted card which had some examples of the books of Charles Dickens, is still been displayed in the British museum. Later this ritual spread all over the Europe and then became popular in Germany.

The first card included some nativity scene of birth of Jesus. Later snow scenes and robins became popular.

In late 1840s these cards discovered in United States of America. They were very expensive and normal people could not afford it. The first card of Mr Prang consists of plants, children and flowers. Later John C. Hall with his two brothers created hallmark cards in 1915 and it is still one of the biggest selling card makers.

Homemade cards became very popular in 1910s and 1920s. it also included some odd shapes, foils and ribbons on it. These cards were usually very fragile to handle and also to send it by post. These days’ cards consist of lot of pictures which includes various winter pictures, jokes, Santa Clause images and romantic scenes of the past days. Many of the charities sell their own Christmas cards as away to earn money at Christmas.

Lot of money is made by charities from stickers which were used to seal the card envelopes. This method was started by a postal worker who thought that this will help to raise money as a good way for charities in Denmark at early 1900. It was considered to be huge success as over four million cards were sold at first year. Later Norway and Sweden also adopted the same technique and later it was spread over Europe to America. Now a day, various varieties of cards are available in the market. People can now send greeting to their loved ones.