Best Android Apps for Rooted Android Smartphone

Android Rooting is the one which helps you to speed up your phone performance and enables you to work with various Android applications. Many Android Rooting guide are available on the internet so most Android users prefers rooting to speed up their smartphones, but most of them are not aware so much about the applications that you can install on your Smartphones after rooting. So here are some apps that works best on your rooted mobiles.

Best Apps for Rooted Android Smartphone

Device Control:

Device control is an Android app that enables you to control your device metrics that includes processor’s frequency, entropy levels, screen colors, input voltage and more. The Device control is also used to improve the overall performance of your smartphone and to monitor system resources.

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Root Browser:

With Root browser app you can view and modify partition’s file and data and you can even remove system applications. This app comes with the file manager’s features and also it has more advanced features that includes sharing your files via e-mail, files archiver and extractor, APK file extractor and decompiler and so on.


You can use the Greenify app to perform two tasks in your smartphone, one is to improve your battery performance and another task is improving your system speed. It kills the extra memory occupied by the your application to speed up your phone. It also can free up additional memory occupied by the system applications. So it is a best app to improve your phone performance.