Brilliance at Your Feet – Hover X The Self Balancing Scooter

The scene where Michael J Fox in the movie Back to the future, is whipping past speeding cars on a seemingly farfetched gadget making him float and balance in the thin air, acts as a testimony to our ability to create unimaginable things. The best self balancing scooters are most definitely a thing of the future!
hover x reviews
They are a portable battery operated device with a platform for the rider to balance and move. These automobiles are usually referred to as hover boards, for they do give one the illusion that the rider is hovering. Its outrageous appeal and interest are generating a wave in the market with several products in the realm sprouting ever so often. Creating a craze that is catching on faster and why not? For me, it sure has that “Back to the future” appeal!

All about Hover X

  • This self balancing scooter has a robust frame which has the capability of carrying weight as well as being light enough to be carried around by anyone
  • It is sleek and its LED feature adds a very attractive edge to it
  • It offers speeds of 15 km/h or 9.3 mph which make it a swift ride
  • The Hover X is easy to learn on and master as it offers two modes in its functionality
  • The large wheels make it easy to balance and make the ride smoother than the others
  • It is low maintenance based because this is a onetime investment which means no more refueling for short rides

Hover X comes with

  • The device
  • A manual which helps decipher each function and helps understand the device better
  • A charger
  • It also comes along with a black case to ensure carrying this device is easy
  • One year limited warranty on the product/90 day warranty on any company malfunctions on the device

Techs and Specs

  • 63.5 x 25.9 x 25.4 cm is the dimension of the Hover X which means it is broad and sturdy on the ground
  • The product weighs 8 kg/17.6 lb, making it a device that can be used across all ages
  • It is built to carry a weight of 265 lb/120 kg which is truly one of the more versatile features
  • Lithium batteries take about 3 hours to reach full charge that definitely makes it an eco-friendly device
  • 36V/4.4Ah battery has a range of 10 miles/16 km
  • The Hover X has the unique ability to climb small hills because of the 15degree tilt feature
  • It has 7inch wheels which make for a sturdier grip on the road
  • The Hover X is available in 5 color options
  • With a turning radius of zero degree the Hover X has makes it easier to maneuver and turn direction with quick finesse
  • 16 LED lights light up the front of the device and are placed strategically to add to the appeal

Hover X is one of the best devices in the market

  • Great pricing for a great product – considering there are a vast number of self balancing scooters in the market the Hover X is one of the top selling devices in its category. This is because of the high grade quality of the product and its ability to easily be one of the fastest.
  • As one of the more well known American companies to manufacture these automobiles the Hover X prides itself on the assurance of a well-knit customer service provider.
  • The two unique ride modes make the Hover X more reliable and satisfy the safety related aspects that most other Hover boards lack in catering to. The learning mode can be switched on as a beginner which makes it easier to learn on and once the device is mastered the skilled mode can be turned on to show off one’s prowess.
  • With its seamlessly built smooth yet powerful motor, the assurance of a ride without jerking and rattling is something to look forward to.
  • The zero degree turn and the 15 degree tilt are intelligent algorithms that make this device swift and very easy to handle.
  • Its robust dynamics aid in carrying a weight of 265 lb/120 kg, making it a top buy.
  • The Hover X is a well-crafted and engineered device that goes through specific test and safety parameters, making it a safe and smart option.
  • A perfect device for the urban living as it makes running errands look amazing.

The Downside

  • Many of the self balancing scooters that have big wheel have the singular problem of the lack of movement on terrain that is not smooth. So I think there may be difficulty in maneuvering this device on grass or gravel.
  • It is not water resistant so it will have to be rested on snow days and the rainy weather. The water can cause damage to the motor and its functionality. Definitely a dampener for me!
  • It does not offer a bluetooth or a remote which take away from it aesthetically as it does in a gizmo sense.
  • It does not come with a helmet and since the Hover X reaches high speeds, putting on a helmet becomes a must for me.

Overall View

A creative, stylish, gnarly yet light weight device built with the best quality material and giving the rider insanely exhilarating rides, to me this looks like a gadget to stay for long. This coupled with the fact that the Hover X comes with an extensive support system and warranty to back it up, make it a secure pick in the market. It gives the most confident rider a thrill and is quite easily one of the top selling products in its niche.

The Hover X has speed and agility to make every day commute a jaw dropping adventure for me. The unique feature of dual ride modes for beginners and skilled riders is special and set this apart from most other devices. After the umpteen number of hover boards the net dizzies us with, the Hover X is simple and straightforward – it offers the best!. Read self balancing scooter reviews before buying.