Essential Tips: How To Save Laptop From Water Damage

If you depend on your laptop for business, college, or just to play games, then there is no doubt that at some point it will have some issues. Most of the people are facing the lot of problems on their laptop like water damage, power issue, and reboot issue, noise from the laptop, slow performance and overheating issues.

How To Save Laptop From Water Damage

The little liquid spill on your laptop may not affect anything at all. But if you accidentally spilled water or a cup of coffee on your keyboard or Laptop it may be fatal to your device.Dell laptop service center in Chennai helps you to solve your problems related to laptops, laptop batteries, keyboard and motherboard with an affordable price. In this article, we will provide simple tips on that how to minimize or prevent damage from water spilled on your laptop.

Safety First

The first important thing was when water spilled on your tablet or laptop, and you don’t have to act wild. Your sound judgment is required so as to spare your portable PC from boost trouble. Keep in mind that water is an astounding power conductor and you would prefer not to shock physically.

Cut Off Power Supply

Don’t forget to unplug the charger from the A/C outlet. Do not try to shut down your device regularly using the operating systems shutdown task as it may delay the process.

Disassemble Your Laptop

After making ensure that power source is cut off, eliminate all accessories involved to your device.

  • Controllers (Example: – Keyboard, Mouse)
  • USB devices (chargers, wireless adapters, flash drives.)
  • All Cables.
  • Memory cards
  • Printer portable cable.
  • The laptop charger

Clean Your Laptop

Ensure that you take out all the liquid spills from your device and you can turn it upside down to avoid waters from going down more into your laptop. Only, you can use a dry cloth to clean your keyboard, monitor and all other laptop components.

Dry The Components

Let the laptop components dry out for several hours, as long as it takes to remove any prolonged moisture. If any accessories get spoiled, then no need to worry you can get all branded accessories in Dell laptop service center in Chennai.

Reassemble Your Laptop

In order to complete the process, reassemble the components which you removed from the laptop. Double check for moisture and liquid presence on every part inserted to your laptop.