HostGator Offers Many Flexible Features For Its Customers

HostGator is a web hosting with enough features and it is flexible when it comes to its unlimited services that are provided with the unrestricted disk space and bandwidth. The company also offers unlimited subdomains for the clients who want to host different websites under one account. However, even if the hosting company has many features, it lacks the usability and intuitiveness which is found commonly on the high ranked web hosting providers. However, you will not find any problem with the company if you are ready to learn your way around the services offered. The HostGator is going to deliver the robust hosting ability with the best value.

HostGator for customers

Hosting package of HostGator

The HostGator has three hosting options. Every package has unlimited features which have been detailed while the service will support the international domains. With the company business plan, you are going to have the toll free number with the dedicated IP address together with a private SSL.

In terms of features, HostGator offers the best features that you cannot find with other hosting companies. You will get a site builder, easy to install for the popular platforms and apps and shopping carts for the e-Commerce stores. The HostGator offers impressive number of the emails for each one of its plan. Besides the webmail option, you are going to create the unlimited amount of the POP3 accounts. Other email features include mail forwarding, catch-alls, mailing lists, auto responders, and aliases. With the email features, you will not have to worry about the spam because the HostGator offers the Spam Assassins in each one of its package. This is a powerful spam protection program which keeps away the unwanted junk email. Also, they offer hostgator discount code which you can use to get their services at a cheaper price.

Extra features of HostGator services

The overall features of the company are impressive and these may include error pages and custom cron jobs. The Cron job is about how the server work has been scheduled so that they can take place in automatic way like downloading the emails. However, these services do not have the script library, even if such features are not that important to the web hosting, they are convenient in some cases and they give the advanced users the control of the websites.

The HostGator is the web hosting service which is easy to use but you will have to learn how to use it for some time. This is because all its features are not intuitive and they may take some minutes in learning to navigate around the interface. The customer service of the company is also good but it can still be improved. When you are on the HostGator website, you can find the sections where there are frequently asked question for any question you may be having and you can view the videos tutorials on how you can navigate around their portal.