How To Transfer Money Using SBI Net Banking?

Many of the people have to transfer the money to any of the individual, their family member or any other friend and some need to transfer as per the business work too. Also, many of the college going students also need the money as they are far away from their families then net banking becomes the best option to transfer the money to an individual’s account. There are also many other ways to send the money online and each and every method has its own rewards. SBI online net banking is an easy process.


If you choose net banking competence, then you can transfer the money to any other a/c. in SBI net banking a SBI IFSC Code is provided to you as in case to get the money and transfer it too. To use the facility of net banking firstly you need to register the bank a/c no. of an individual in your own net banking account. If the a/c s from the same bank then it takes 3 days to be registered and if any other bank a/c then it will take about 7 days to get registered. Once the a/c is registered then you can immediately transfer your money.

To Transfer The Money use These Simple Steps:

Step 1: The first step for transferring the money is you have to enter your SBI account by using your own username and also the password. Once you logged in press the amount of payment that you have to transfer. Now, in the section of transfers in the website of SBI, you can see the option of quick transfer to send the money online.

Step 2: Now, you comes on the page where it asks about the information of the person who is receiving the money. Fill the person’s details. The details that it asks for net banking is the name of receiver, a/c number and ifsc code SBI. You can also mention the location too.

Step 3: When all the information is filled now you have to select the quick transfer online of SBI as in the option of payment. One option is within the SBI and the other option is Interbank. You might select as per the a/c in the bank where you have to transfer money. In case you have to transfer on other bank account you have to select Interbank and in case transferring the money to a/c of SBI then you might do otherwise. You have to fill IFSC code SBI where your receiver is using the account. This information must be gathered before fill up your provided details.

Step 4: Now choose the mode of transfer to NEFT from the menu of pull-down. Next, you have to type the amount of money that you have to transfer. Now, select button of Confirm from all the typed details and also mark tick on the small box, which displays a message that you are accepting the terms and conditions.

Step 5: After you press the submit button a next page will appear which comprise of all the details. You have to check them again and then click on confirm.

Step 6: When you click on confirm then you will obtain an OTP on your mobile number which means you have just now itemized the bank account. Now, just enter your password and also confirm it too. After this you will receive a message that transaction of the amount has been successfully done.You would also receive a reference number, just note down it as it might come convenient in the future use.