Diwali – The Rejoicing Festival Of Indians

There are many festivals of the Indians among which there are few only that are only for rejoicing or those can be said to be the festival of joy. Holi is one such festival and the Diwali is another festival like that. Diwali is the festival of joy for two reasons, the first one is for the history attached with that and the second one is the style by which the festival is being carried out. During Diwali people will rejoice by sharing sweets, cards with messages like Happy Diwali, etc. Here in the article, the two aspects that prove Diwali to be a festival of joy by the Hindus are established.

Diwali Festival

Historical background

The history of the festival says that the festival is a festival of lights and joy. The joy in the festival has a specific reason according to the historical support that the festival gets from the oldest epic on the earth, the Ramayana. Rama was the prince of Ayodhya, a province of ancient India and was born to King Dasarath and queen Kousalya. King Dasarath had two other queens also named Kaikayee and Sumitra.

Kaikayee was being motivated negatively to believe that her son Bharat should become king and for that Rama should be sent to the woods. She managed to get that sentence from the king and Rama went to forest, who was assisted by his wife Sita, and his brother, son of Sumitra, Lakshmana. In the woods, Sita was seen by Ravana, the symbolic figure of lust and illusion and he made her captive. Rama had to give a fierce fight with Ravana to make his wife free and win over the lust of the human mind.

After that fight, they came back to Ayodhya. The people or the subjects were extremely happy to see their beloved prince and their beloved princess back in their kingdom to administer them again. They wished to express their love for them and also to express their joy to get them back. They thus arranged this festival to make a rejoice with their prince and for that they decorated their houses, the streets and everything with garland and lights to make their joy express through a rejoicing festival.

Today’s Festival

The Diwali celebration even today is continuing with that decoration by lights and garlands, with those crackers and fireworks. the celebration is added with the Dhanteras, where people gets new metal for their house as a symbol of prosperity and wish of maintenance of that prosperity for the next year also. The rejoice is even considered as the medium to exchange love and affection to each other’s family. Thus they exchange sweets and various types of gifts among themselves. The rejoicing is even made a significant one by the worship of Goddess Laxmi, the provider and administer of beauty and shape of the universe.

Thus Diwali, as always has been, is a festival of lights, merry and rejoice for the Indians. they exchange love and affection and good wishes among themselves for a better tomorrow, a better prosperity in the next year and also a better and enlightened mind in the next or the rest phase of life. The lights are symbol of this enlightened mind and thus the entire concept is to rejoice with the enlightening of the mind to find a reason and a base for the mind to come out of the illusion and enjoy the real world full of conscience and truth.